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ArticleAuthorSummaryDate Uploaded
Symmetric Relay Simplified George Cuppaidge 16-Jun-20
2019 Qld Open TeamsRichard Wallis 18-Oct-19
2019 Gold Coast Open TeamsRichard Wallis 20-Mar-19
2019 Gold Coast Open PairsRichard Wallis 20-Mar-19
2019 Kenmore Graded TeamsRichard Wallis 20-Mar-19
2018 QBA Teams of ThreeRichard Wallis 15-Mar-19
2018 Qld Open PairsRichard Wallis04-Dec-18
2018 Qld Open TeamsRichard Wallis11-Sep-18
Multi Landy ProGeorge Cuppaidge11-Sep-18
Canberra National Seniors TeamsRichard Wallis21-Mar-18
Canberra 2018 TBIB Imp PairsRichard Wallis 21-Mar-18
Qld at the 2017 GNOT Open Teams FinalsRichard Wallis21-Mar-18
2017 QBA Graded PairsRichard Wallis27-Nov-17
2017 Qld Open TeamsRichard Wallis27-Nov-17
2017 Qld Open PairsRichard Wallis 27-Nov-17
2017 Moreton Bribie TeamsRichard Wallis14-Sep-17
2017 Qld Open Teams TrialsRichard Wallis21-Jun-17
2017 BBC Butler PairsRichard Wallis21-Jun-17
2017 Arana TeamsRichard Wallis21-Jun-17
2017 Gold Coast CongressNik Moore 20-Mar-17
QBA Seniors PairsRichard Wallis20-Mar-17
2016 QBA Teams of ThreeRichard Wallis20-Mar-17
2016 GNOT National FinalRichard Wallis 20-Mar-17
2016 Qld Open PairsRichard Wallis28-Nov-16
2016 Toowoomba CongressRichard Wallis28-Nov-16
Hong Kong TeamsRichard Wallis 12-Oct-16
2016 Yeh Cup MixedTeamsRichard Wallis07-Sep-16
2016 Seniors TrialsRichard Wallis01-Jun-16
QBA Teams Of ThreeRichard Wallis24-Mar-16
Kenmore Teams Of ThreeRichard Wallis24-Mar-16
GCC Senior TeamsRichard Wallis24-Mar-16
Canberra South West Pacific TeamsRichard Wallis24-Mar-16
Canberra Seniors TeamsRichard Wallis24-Mar-16
2015 Northern Suburbs Imp PairsRichard Wallis02-Dec-15
2015 Territory GoldRichard Wallis02-Dec-15
Jorj Basics 3George Cuppaidge 13-Sep-15
2015 ANC Seniors ButlerRichard Wallis 13-Sep-15
2015 ANC Seniors TeamsRichard Wallis13-Sep-15
2015 Coffs Harbour TeamsRichard Wallis13-Sep-15
2015 Barrier Reef TeamsRichard Wallis30-Jul-15
2015 Seniors TrialsRichard Wallis 16-Jun-15
2015 Mixed PairsRichard Wallis 16-Jun-15
2015 Gold Coast Seniors TeamsRichard Wallis 16-Jun-15
NT Rebids after 2 over 1 in Standard BiddingGeorge Cuppaidge17-Mar-15
2015 SWP Teams CanberraRichard Wallis17-Mar-15
2015 Canberra Seniors TeamsRichard Wallis17-Mar-15
2015 Gold Coast Seniors PairsRichard Wallis 17-Mar-15
Wolff Revisited 2014George CuppaidgeWolff sign-off revisited again in 2014 .02-Dec-14
2014 Qld Open PairsRichard Wallis02-Dec-14
Update to Jorj Club SystemGeorge Cuppaidge02-Dec-14
2014 ANC Richard Wallis 18-Sep-14
2014 BRC Open PairsRichard Wallis18-Sep-14
2014 BRC Open TeamsRichard Wallis18-Sep-14
2014 Coffs TeamsRichard Wallis18-Sep-14
2014 Coffs PairsRichard Wallis18-Sep-14
2014 Senior Play-offsRichard Wallis10-Jun-14
Update to Jorj Club SystemGeorge Cuppaidge 10-Jun-14
2014 SWPT CanberraRichard Wallis11-Apr-14
2014 GCC Senior TeamsRichard Wallis17-Mar-14
2014 Canberra Senior TeamsRichard Wallis 17-Mar-14
2013 Qld Open TeamsRichard Wallis04-Dec-13
Third and fourth hand openingsGeorge Cuppaidge04-Dec-13
The Dos and Donts of BiddingGeorge Cuppaidge 09-Sep-13
2013 Surfers Paradise Swiss TeamsBlll Haughie09-Sep-13
2013 ANC Seniors TeamsRichard Wallis09-Sep-13
2013 ANC Seniors ButlerRichard Wallis 09-Sep-13
2013 Senior Trials Richard Wallis 11-Jun-13
2013 Canberra SWP TeamsRichard Wallis13-Mar-13
2013 Canberra National Seniors TeamsRichard Wallis13-Mar-13
2013 GCC Senior PairsRichard Wallis13-Mar-13
What is a bidding system?George Cuppaidge13-Mar-13
2012 Teams of ThreeRichard Wallis04-Dec-12
2012 Qld Seniors PairsRichard Wallis04-Dec-12
2012 Qld Open TeamsRichard Wallis04-Dec-12
A Strong Pass System - revisedGeorge CuppaidgeA revision of the Strong Pass System, with the original document available below. 16-Nov-12
2012 Barrier Reef TeamsRichard Wallis18-Sep-12
Jorj Standard George CuppaidgeThe system is so simple, so natural, yet it provides the base to bid more accurately, at all levels, than any of todays gadget collections can.07-Aug-12
2012 ANC Senior TrialsRichard Wallis13-Jun-12
2012 Mixed PairsRichard Wallis13-Jun-12
2011 GNOT Final Richard Wallis20-Mar-12
2011 Seniors Pairs Richard Wallis20-Mar-12
2012 Gold Coast Open Teams Richard Wallis20-Mar-12
2012 Gold Coast Seniors PairsRichard Wallis20-Mar-12
2012 National Seniors Teams Richard Wallis20-Mar-12
2012 NOT Seniors Last Train Richard Wallis20-Mar-12
2011 Qld Open TeamsRichard Wallis19-Sep-11
2011 Coffs Harbour TeamsRichard Wallis19-Sep-11
The Point CountGeorge CuppaidgeThe point count has its virtues, but it should be your slave, not your master. Don’t be misled into thinking that point count alone will make you a bidder. https://www.ohdresses.com/19-Sep-11
2011 Barrier Reef TeamsRichard Wallis13-Jul-11
The "Rules" For Playing BridgeGeorge Cuppaidge These really are “bridge tips,” but they are so basic and so important that they have been given the status of “Rules.” 17-May-11
Gold Coast Senior Pairs 2011Richard Wallis25-Mar-11
Where is the Bidding Headed?George CuppaidgeThe trend in bridge, to adopt as many conventions as you can, is not slowing down. This article aims to show that bidding the whole of your hand naturally, long suits before short suits, leads to more accurate bidding. 25-Mar-11
A Strong Pass System George CuppaidgeUsing pass as forcing actually gives you an extra bid. You can use all the one-bids, and 2C, naturally. The article shows how to adjust your responding methods when partner may have opened on a Yarborough. http://www.beautydesses.com/23-Nov-10
2010 Open TeamsRichard Wallis23-Nov-10
2010 Graded Butler PairsRichard Wallis15-Sep-10
2010 Barrier Reef PairsRichard Wallis20-Jul-10
2010 Barrier Reef TeamsRichard Wallis20-Jul-10
2010 Seres McMahon TeamsRichard Wallis20-May-10
2010 Gold Coast Open TeamsRichard Wallis20-May-10
GNOT Final 2009Richard Wallis19-Jan-10
Brisbane Zone GNOT 2009Richard Wallis24-Nov-09
2009 ANC Senior PairsRichard Wallis10-Sep-09
2009 ANC Senior TeamsRichard Wallis10-Sep-09
2009 Seniors TrialsRichard Wallis01-Jun-09
2009 GCC Senior PairsRichard Wallis19-May-09
Yeh Bros CupRichard Wallis19-Mar-09
2008 Qld PairsRichard Wallis19-Jan-09
2008 Mixed PairsRichard Wallis19-Jan-09
2008 PABF TeamsRichard Wallis27-Nov-08
BBC Graded Teams Richard Wallis11-Sep-08
2008 Barrier Reef TeamsRichard Wallis17-Jul-08
2008 Qld Open TeamsRichard Wallis17-Jul-08
2008 Gold Coast Senior PairsRichard Wallis01-Apr-08
2008 Gold Coast OpenTeamsRichard Wallis01-Apr-08
Mixed TeamsRichard Wallis21-Mar-08
2007 Barrier Reef Teams Richard Wallis18-Sep-07
2007 Barrier Reef PairsRichard Wallis18-Jul-07
2007 Gold Coast Open TeamsRichard Wallis22-May-07
2007 Gold Coast Senior PairsRichard Wallis21-Mar-07
Qld Open TeamsRichard Wallis22-Nov-06
2006 NZ Nationals (Hamiltton NZ)Richard Wallis19-Sep-06
2006 Toowoomba Swiss Teams Richard Wallis11-Jul-06
2006 Mixed PairsRichard Wallis11-Jul-06
2006 Gold Coast TeamsRichard Wallis15-May-06
2006 Gold Coast Seniors PairsRichard Wallis20-Mar-06
Seniors Pairs 2005 Richard Wallis30-Dec-05
BBC Swiss TeamsRichard Wallis30-Oct-05
2005 Qld PairsRichard Wallis15-Oct-05
2005 Open TeamsRichard Wallis15-Sep-05
2005 Sydney ANCRichard Wallis20-Jul-05
2005 Noosa Teams Richard Wallis02-Jan-05
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